Privacy Policy

At, users privacy is protected with our special security measures.

What personal data we collect

We don’t collect any personal data. This is a free service. To use this service, you are not required to provide any of your information.

Meanwhile, If you want to leave a comment or want to contact us, you need to use your name and email address which Internet standard requirement.


We use cookies to enhance users experience. For example when you leave a comment on a webpage, it will save your name and email address in cookies. When you visit this site next time, you can avoid annoyance to fill in your details again if you want to leave another comment. Generally, cookies will last for one year.


When a visitor come to our website, we keep record of user IP, country, device or browser. This is standard security measure to differentiate a real user from a bot or D-Dos attack or a scammer. This helps to enhance website security.


We don’t use any advertising.

User Data Privacy and Safety

Users data is securely stored. It is not shared with any third-party or for any commercial purposes.

Contact Us

If you have any concern related to privacy policy, you can contact us.

Changes to our Privacy Policy

Whenever we make changes to our privacy policy, we update them here on this page.

This policy was last modified on June 23, 2019.